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Hi all! Welcome.

My name is Tania Vargas. Just a Little Step was started with the intention of helping marginalized communities while destigmatizing mental health. 

As a women of color, I want everyone to feel comfortable and empowered through our sessions. Therapy should not be someone telling you what to do, or how to feel, it should be a process of understanding one's own thoughts and feelings and how to better prepare oneself for the future.


Rest assured, being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, or a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker, means that the states of New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts agree that all educational and clinical working hours have been met.

Most states require at least three years of working in clinical setting, supervised by someone already licensed. It also requires passing a federally recognized exam as well. 

If you have any questions about what this means, please ask!

Want more resources?

The more knowledge, the better, right?

Feel free to read our blog to learn more about what it means to be in therapy, along with looking at the services Just a Little Step provides.

Just a Little Step is proud to support BLM, and is a strong ally for the LGBTQQIA+ community.

We have partnered with LGBTQ and All who specialize in working with the LGBTQ community.

Click the icon on  the left to be taken to their website. 

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